Home Party with Hibachi Private Chefs

Home Party with Hibachi Private Chefs

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Unforgettable Dining with a Private Hibachi Chef: Experience Hibachi at Home

Hibachi, a traditional Japanese method of cooking, involves grilling meat, seafood, and vegetables on a high-heat metal cooking plate. This culinary art not only tantalizes the taste buds but also entertains diners with chefs performing knife tricks, juggling utensils, and creating stunning flame displays. Hibachi has become synonymous with a lively and engaging dining experience, often enjoyed in specialized restaurants. However, Awesome Hibachi offers a unique twist by bringing this delightful spectacle into the comfort of your home, providing a private hibachi chef for an unforgettable event.

Bringing Hibachi to Your Backyard

Awesome Hibachi has revolutionized the way people enjoy hibachi by offering a service that allows customers to experience hibachi at home. Imagine hosting a vibrant, interactive dining experience in your backyard, complete with the sizzling sounds and captivating performances of a skilled hibachi chef. This service is available across New York City, Long Island, and Upstate New York, making it accessible to a wide range of locations.

Skilled Chefs in New York

The chefs provided by Awesome Hibachi are not only proficient in hibachi cooking but also excel in creating an entertaining atmosphere. Each chef brings their own unique flair and humor to the table, ensuring that every event is memorable. Based on your location, you can choose a chef that best fits your area, ensuring a personalized touch to your event. For those needing to book a party in less than 48 hours, direct contact with the service is recommended to ensure availability.

How It Works

Book Online

Reserving your hibachi at-home experience is straightforward. Simply visit the Awesome Hibachi website to book your event. After booking, a party specialist will reach out to you to finalize the details, including the food selection.

Select Food

Choosing the menu is an exciting part of the process. Each guest can customize their meal with options that include a side salad, hibachi vegetables, fried rice, and two protein choices. The protein options are diverse, ranging from chicken, scallops, filet mignon, steak, salmon, lobster tail, shrimp, to tofu. Additional side orders and appetizers are also available for an extra cost.

Host Preparation

The host is responsible for providing tables, chairs, plates, and utensils. The chef will arrive equipped with the grill, food, and propane, ready to set up and prepare for the event.

Enjoy the Party

The private hibachi chef will arrive before the event to set up and ensure everything is in place. As guests gather, the chef will start the performance, combining culinary skills with entertainment to create a dynamic dining experience. The chef’s engaging personality, coupled with the aromatic scents and visual delights of hibachi cooking, will captivate everyone present.

Menu and Pricing

The pricing structure of Awesome Hibachi is designed to be straightforward and accommodating. The base rate is $50 per adult and $25 per child under 13, with a minimum spend of $500 per event. This pricing includes the full hibachi experience, allowing each guest to enjoy a customized meal.

Guests start their meal with a side salad, followed by hibachi vegetables and fried rice. The highlight, of course, is the protein selection. Whether it’s tender filet mignon, succulent shrimp, or flavorful tofu, there is something to satisfy every palate. For those looking to enhance their meal, additional side orders and appetizers can be added for an extra cost.


Awesome Hibachi offers a distinctive and memorable way to enjoy hibachi at home. By providing a private hibachi chef and bringing the restaurant experience to your backyard, they ensure that your event is not only delicious but also entertaining. Whether you are in New York City, Long Island, or Upstate New York, this service is ready to transform your gathering into an extraordinary culinary adventure.

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